Tour for the students of the University of Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering

Saving energy means everything we can do to avoid wasting energy – these are simple steps that everyone can implement in their behavior, from turning off the lights after leaving the room to recycling plastic or aluminum packaging.

We provided students, our future colleagues, from the University of Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering with the opportunity to look at the concepts of energy efficiency in person.

As part of the tour of our business and production facility in Čačak, students were able to get acquainted with the systems of solar panels and solar power plants, as well as the modern BMS system for managing conditions in the building.

In addition to the energy saving system, they also visited our production facilities as well as the factory test station for SM6and RM6devices.

They are also introduced to the most modern devices for monitoring, control and protection of all working conditions and devices inside the substation. Thanks to the given examples, they could testify to all the benefits that these devices bring, which are related to energy savings and extension of the service life of the device.