RM6 24kV

Ring Main Units up to 24kV , Short Time current rating up to 21kA ,rated for Internal arc up to 20kA AFLR with options

RM6 24kv

Medium Voltage Ring Main Units up to 24kV

rm6 24kv sne energy
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Additional information
Operator safety:

With RM6, we are committed to operator safety.
– Designed for internal arc
– Stainless steel tanks & Cable compartment are fully internal arc rated
– Visible earthing contacts contribute to operator safety while performing earthing operations
– Voltage indicators (VPIS or VDS) are located on the front fascia of the equipment
– The presence of natural interlocks, as recommended in IEC 62271-200 through simple & easy to understand mimics, contributes to safe switchgear operation.

Transformer protection with a circuit breaker:

Provides adjustable tripping curve, overload protection,
continuous earth fault protection, while avoiding fuse replacement.
In addition it provides the possibility of reclosing even remotely.

Switch disconnectors and circuit breakers have similar architecture:

  • A moving contact assembly with 3 stable positions (closed, open and earthed) moves vertically (see diagram). Its design makes simultaneous closing of the switch or circuit breaker and the earthing switch impossible
  • The earthing switch has a short-circuit making capacity, as required by the respective standards
  • The RM6 combines both an isolating and interrupting function
  • The earth collector has the appropriate dimensions for the network
  • Access to the cable compartment can be interlocked with the earthing switch and/or the switch or circuit breaker

For the switch disconnector, the electric arc extinction is obtained thanks to the SF6 puffer design, whilst for the circuit breaker the electric arc extinction is achieved thanks to a rotating arc technique combined with SF6 auto-expansion, allowing the breaking of all currents up to the short-circuit current.

Internal arc withstand*

Reliable operating mechanisms

RM6 circuit breaker offers enhanced power availability and lower operating costs

Hermetically sealed pressure system

  • Simplified maintenance:

Intervals of 5-10 Years

  • Easy to install:

Due to its compact & simple design it’s easy to install, maintain & has the capacity for product evolution, e.g.: extensibility, on-site motorization etc.

  • Extensibility on site.

The extension of your RM6 with one or more functional units can be carried out by simply adding modules that are connected to each other via the busbar using dedicated field bushings.

  • RM6 visible earthing contacts for enhanced peace of mind

Operators can visually check that the earthing switch is in the closed position thanks to the transparent earthing covers located at the top of the RM6 that display the position of the earthing contacts.

  • Guaranteed interoperability, already connected to 1 product
  • Reduce downtime with maintenance based on data collected by sensors and automation
  • In accordance with the latest cyber security standards and regulations
  • Connection to the EcoStruxure system which enables effective asset management, increased safety, 24/7 connectivity, network management

Rated voltage Ur 12 17.5 24
Frequency f 50 ili 60
Insulation level
Industrial frequency 50Hz 1mn Ud 28 38 50
32 45 60
Impulse 1,2/50ms Up 75 95 125
85 110 145
Tank internal arc withstand 20kA 1s
Seismic Withstand Severity class 2, acceptance class 2

as per IEC62271-210 (2013)

Vibration Withstand NF EN60068.2.6.2 (2008) (3)



RM6 24kv
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