The company SNE Energy received the first certificates in 2013  confirming the high quality of its products and the business quality that we maintain at an enviable level. By the continuous renewal of the certificates SRPS ISO 9001: 2015, SRPS ISO 14001: 2015, and SRPS ISO 45001: 2018, we have confirmed our focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of quality management systems, environmental management systems, and management of health and safety at work. We constantly strive to meet customer requirements and to perform work activities according to clearly defined procedures and instructions.

Here in SNE Energy all systems are regarded as unified from the perspective of business management and are an integral part of the Integrated Management System (IMS).

With a firm belief in the quality of the established Integrated Management System, we strive every day to:

  • Plan business processes and activities that affect quality, environmental protection, safety and health at work by applying risk management, through risk prevention and use of opportunities;

  • Application of process approach in business, with constant optimization and improvement of business processes and realization of positive business and financial results;

  • Providing customer service in an effective and efficient manner, with high level quality and acceptable deadlines at competitive prices;

  • Occupational safety and health of employees and other stakeholders;

  • Continuous and regular review and improvement of the integrated management system through clear definition of business processes, compliance with adopted rules of work and efficient application of documentation at all levels with a clear limit of individual responsibility;

  • Concern for the environment, focus on environmental protection when performing all activities in the process of production and provision of services in the environment in which we live and work;

  • Establishing mutually beneficial and partnership relationships with business partners and suppliers;

  • Rational consumption of natural resources, preservation of the environment through clear definition of aspects and impacts of processes and activities of the company on the environment, monitoring and control of consumption of natural resources, measurement of environmental effects, waste management during the process;

  • Compliance of business with legal regulations, technical standards and requirements of interested parties.

We are fully committed to maintaining and improving the established management systems and self-proclaimed policy of the Integrated Management System, which includes quality policy, environmental protection and health and safety at work, which is confirmed by numerous recognitions and positive comments from our old and new customers.