Easergy TH110 is a wireless sensor that enables the continuous thermal condition monitoring of all the critical connections made on the field, such as: cables, withdrawable Circuit Breakers (CB) and busbar connections. In most cases, early detection of abnormal bus temperature rises will prevent electrical failures and fire.

The main cause of fires in medium and low voltage installations are faulty electrical connections.

Poor connections due to improper tightening, vibration or damaged contact surface due to corrosion or excessive pressure can lead to deterioration of cable, bus and switch connections over time.
This deterioration can be accelerated by increasing the transient resistance of the electrical contact, which further leads to an increase in temperature.

HigherTemperature further aggravates the contact surfaces, which in turn increases its transient resistance.

The result is heat dissipation and eventually a complete connection failure. There
may be a fire, electric shock or explosion, which
could result in damage to the switchgear or even injury to the operator.

Some insurance companies require annual inspections
as to reduce this risk. The National Fire Protection Administration,
NFPA70B, also recommends annual thermal imaging inspections.

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