Modular Switchboard 36 kV


Metal enclosed, highly reliable, flexible and simple switchgear for secondary underground distribution applications up to 36kV

Additional information
Rated voltage Ur 7,2kV 12kV 17,5kV 24kV 36kV
Insulation level Ud 50Hz, 1min (kV rms) 20kV 28kV 38kV 50kV 70kV
Up 1,2/50µs (kV peak) 60kV 75kV 95kV 125kV 170kV
Rated current In 400A – 630A – 1250A 630A – 1250A
Short-time withstand current Ik/tk 25kA/1sec

630A – 1250A

20kA/1sec 630A – 1250A
16kA/1sec 630A – 1250A
12,5kA/1sec 400A – 630A – 1250A 630A – 1250A
Ima 62,5kA 630A NA
50kA 630A
40kA 630A
31,25kA 400A – 630A 630A
  • Metal enclosed units
  • Classes PI (insulating partition)
  • Classes LSC2A (loss of service continuity classes)
  • Units in switchboard: IP3X
  • Between compartments: IP2X
  • Cubicle: IK08
  • Internal arc withstand:
    • Basic version:
      • 16kA 1sec, IAC: A-FLR & IAC: A-FL
  • Working temperature:
    • less than or equal to 40 ° C
    • less than or equal to 35 ° C mean 24-hour value
    • greater than or equal to -5 ° C
  • Elevation:
    • Less than or equal to 1000m
    • Over 1000m, correction factors apply (please contact us)
  • Solar radiation
    • Is not allowed
  • Seismic
    • Class 2