Easergy T300: A modern approach to distribution network automation.

Responds to the challenges of the power industry modular, simple, flexible and with an Internet connection, a product with a modern approach and built-in cyber security.

Easergy T300 sne energy
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Easergy T300 sne energy
Easergy T300 sne energy


  • Advanced features (IEC61850 data model),
  • Enabling powerful monitoring with high quality and accuracy (IEC61557-12 & IEC61000-4-30)
  • Control and automation functions (IEC61131-3 framework)
  • Maintenance made easier (Web Server),
  • Leading to reduced installation time on-site. Principle plug and play.

  • Easy customization and faster delivery thanks to modern architecture scalability, and simple on-site upgradability
  • Compliant with the open standards (IEC101/104, DNP3, Modbus)
  • Flexible communication media (Ethernet, USB, GPRS, 3G, 4G) with local or remote maintenance
  • Compliant with the cybersecurity standards and regulations (IEEE P1686, IEC62351)
  • Define level of access to users (RBAC)
  • Secure Wi-Fi access
  • It contains a reliable application for detecting the passage of fault current.
  • The product is intended primarily for reliable and safe operation of distribution systems and networks, and can also be used for private MV facilities at the request of the client.




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