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Cooperation with students of FTS in Čačak

SNE ENERGY DOOis a company founded in 2011 in Čačak, Serbia with the main activity of production of medium voltage switchgear and related equipment.

Since the founding of our company, we try to give our contribution by providing young students, future engineers, the opportunity to gain insight into their profession and to prepare for it as well as possible.

Therefore, in cooperation with the Student Parliament of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak, we organized a student tour of our business and production facility in Čačak.

Within our company, students were able to gain insight into the process of preparation and production of medium voltage units SM6 and RM6.

In addition, they had an opportunity to learn about the equipment within our test station that is equipped for factory testing of our products that are performed in accordance with applicable IEC standards.

We hope that this visit inspired young students of FTS, future colleagues, and gave them an insight into the engineering work and what it involves.