Cooperation with Schneider Electric DMS NS

In the fight for energy efficiency and environmental awareness, we use the best technique, and that is knowledge.

Every day, people use energy for heating, cooling, lighting, production, entertainment and more. The ways in which that energy is used significantly affect our environment and life, so the very important thing is not only whether we save energy, but also whether we use it in the most efficient way.

For our olleagues from Schneider Electric DMS NS we organized a tour of our business and production facility.

Our facility is a “showroom” of technological solutions in the fields of BMS systems and systems for energy efficiency and savings. They are also familiar with our solar panel system and solar power plant as well as the ways to manage them using the “Power monitoring system”.

And our production manager Saša Đokovic introduced them to the production process and techniques involved in assembling the RM6and SM6units. In addition, they were acquainted with the latest solutions in the field of management, protection and monitoring of these units.